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Awakening Your Soul with Autumn leaves – 10 Days 【 3rd November Start 】

Fully Escorted Tour
Depart Shinagawa
Visit Yamanashi, Matsumoto, Shirakawago, Kyoto, KiiKatsuura
Duration 10 Days
Min and Max No for Tour Operating minimum 2 people and maximum 5 people
Included Escorted Guide, Other admission fees and transportation costs
included in the tour, Temple admission fees, all breakfast
and dinner (excluding alcoholic beverage)
Not Included Drink charges and lunch
Cancellation Policy 1 month prior of the tour date 25%
2 weeks prior of the date 50%
5 days prior of the tour date , No show 100%
Single Sup $300
  • Available
  • On Request
  • Unavailable

About the Tour

✔ Visit mysterious and hidden place including Kyoto area.

✔ Soul awakening and special experiences.

✔ Visit mysterious places even most of Japanese hasn’t experienced.

✔ Summitt the Shichimensan-mountain (1,989m) and Kuramayama – montain (584m)

✔ Sunrise with Mt Fuji and real (not arranged) Shukubo experiences

✔ need the trekking equipment. (trekking shoes and cold weather protection )

✔ The tour include 1 night temple accommodation (Shukubo)

✔ Shukubo staying with all other temple visitor in a tatami room

✔ Visit Ise Shrine (Head shrine in Japan)

✔ Can be meet to Shaman with request (extra cost)

✔ Kumano Kodo walk

✔ Onsen (hot springs)

✔ Breakfast and dinner included (excluding alcoholic beverage)

✔ Fully Escorted

✔ Maximum 5 people

✔ Twin room shared


Fri – 03 Nov 2017 (Pre start)
Small briefing before start the tour at Shinagawa accommodation.
(Izakaya Dinner)
Stay at Shinagawa standard hotel

Sat – 04 Nov 2017 
(Breakfast at Hotel restaurant)
A great first day awaits as we head up and climb the Mt.Shichimen with local beautiful area of Yamanashi.
We get here from Shinagawa station by bullet train and local train to use.
You’ll need trekking shoes and cold weather protection. (3.5 – 5 hours climbing)
(Dinner at Mt.Shichimen Shukubo)
Stay at Mt.Shichimen Shukubo

Sun – 05 Nov 2017
Enjoy Mt. Fuji beautiful view and sunrise from 2,000m high of the  Mt.Shichimen.
(Breakfast at Mt.Shichimen Shukubo)
Descent the Mt.Shichimen and to Matsumoto City.
Walking around the Matsumoto city and lighted Matsumoto castle.
(Japanese Soba / Udon Dinner)
Stay at Matsumoto standard hotel

Mon – 06 Nov 2017
(Breakfast at Hotel restaurant)
Short walking and sightseeing in Matsumoto city after the breakfast.
Get the luxury bus to heading Historical World Heritage “Shirakawago”.
We will stay in the World Heritage artistic old house(Gasshotsukuri) which established about 200 years ago.
Enjoy beautiful Shirakawago atmosphere after 7 pm all the tourist gone.
(Dinner at Shirakawago)
Stay at Shirakawago old house

Tue – 07 Nov 2017
(Breakfast at Shirakawago)
Short walking and sightseeing in Shirakawago after the breakfast.
Get the luxury bus to heading Kyoto for get another Historical World Heritage area.
(Dinner at Kyoto)
Stay at Kyoto Arashiyama standard hotel

Wed – 08 Nov 2017
(Breakfast at Hotel Restaurant)
Short walking to Arashiyama Bamboo grove.
Visit Myoshinin temple and experience English Zen with Japanese munk.
Enjoy Eizan train Kyoto panoramic view train to Kurama
Short Climbing at Mt Kurama(584m)
(Dinner at Kyoto)
Stay at Kyoto Arashiyama standard hotel

Fri – 09 Nov 2017
(Breakfast at Hotel Restaurant)
7th day of the tour, we moving to Ise by Kintetsu train.
Visit head shrine of Japan “Ise shrine”
Feel the conserved a unique shrine atmosphere.
We visit both Geku and Naiku of the Ise shrine.
(Dinner at Ise)
Stay at Ise standard hotel

Sat – 10 Nov 2017
(Breakfast at Hotel Restaurant)
Our final day will take us down to another World Heritage Kumanokodo walking takes about 2-3 hours.
After the early morning Ise sightseeing, we are heading to KiiKatsuura.
Another historical experience for final day.
We stay at Hotel with Onsen and we prepare the sayonara party for this day.

Sun – 11 Nov 2017 (Last day)
(Breakfast at Hotel Restaurant)

After our Sayonara party in KiiKatsuura the previous night, it is time to say goodbye. We will help you with transfers to Tokyo / Osaka / Kyoto / Nagoya from KiiKatsuura and help with any onward hotel bookings or further travels in Japan.

(Above course is subject to change due to the condition)





1. Planning Company: ACT Japan Travel Pty Ltd (AFTA-00496  IATA-0230588
ATAS-A10506   ABN-70 605 303 722)

2. If the minimum number of participants (2) is not met by 4 days before the scheduled date,
the tour on that date may be cancelled.

3. Please inform us of your accommodation and contact details for the day prior to the tour.
If the tour is cancelled, participant(s) will be notified by the conducting company or their travel agent.

4. Please note that the tour use public transport.

5. Vegetarian and gluten-free menus are not available but please just request us.
We try to arrange the menu for you.