Konnichi wa!

Welcome to ACT Japan Travel. We are travel agents who specialize in trips to Japan.
I am founder of the company, Yoshiki Yamaguchi.

If you’re reading this because of your interest in the nation of Japan, you’re in the right place. The number of visitors traveling to Japan is soaring as the Japanese culture increasingly gains attention. With the announcement that the 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, the Japanese government have been working behind the scenes to improve visitor-processing systems. Unfortunately due to the increase in visitors, the costs of services such as accommodation are rising.

Furthermore, many people still consider Japan a difficult destination for independent travel. Although Japan has a deeply-rooted culture of hospitality, the language barrier and cultural differences can be challenging.

Japan has many fascinating cities with many magnificent natural attractions. Each season can transform the landscapes and bring with it a completely different experience. Spring, when the blossoms make their brief but glorious appearance; early summer, when new green leaves are everywhere; autumn, brilliantly dyed with the changing colours of the leaves; winter, at night a silvery wonderland as far as the eye can see.

Naturally, every traveller has different priorities. We can customise your trip schedule and provide the level of support to suit your travel style. Travelling from place to place can be expensive and you may find that if you don’t choose carefully, you can end up in a hotel that doesn’t meet your expectations. An international trip isn’t something you do every day – so let us help you make sure it’s a good one. As specialists in Japanese journeys, we can’t be beaten.

ACT Japan is not like other travel agents. Here is how we’re different.

Two staff members for complex enquiries and quotes
Not only do we specialise in Japanese travel, we also offer polite and attentive service specialists. We assign two staff members to handle involved inquiries, preventing delays in correspondence due to staff absence or busy times. This also allows us to consider your unique travel plans from multiple angles and put together the best possible itinerary.

Enquiries are booked in advance
Feel free to make an enquiry by email or telephone at any time. We create thorough travel plans in accordance to each customer’s requests. In order to do so, we’d appreciate it if you contacted us to make a booking before coming in to see us.

A limit on enquiries
In order to provide the best possible travel plans for each customer, and also to prevent delays in correspondence, we limit the amount of inquiries we are attending to at any one time. When answering inquiries by email or phone, we prioritise customers whose quote is already in progress. If you make an inquiry, we will give you an estimate of how long it will be before you can expect a full response. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to new customers.

We can travel with you in Japan
When traveling to a foreign country like Japan, there are many things to consider.

  • Working out your mode of travel and whether your JR Pass covers your travel.
  • Remembering where your hotel is.
  • Knowing how to best spend your time in Japan.
  • Communicating with locals.
  • Finding a doctor, should you need to.

Questions such as these are an inevitable part of travel; unexpected situations do occur. Make no mistake, interacting with the locals is a wonderful thing. But if something happens to drastically change your travel plans, additional expenses may be necessary. With us, you won’t have to worry. For an extra fee, the staff member who gave you your quote can accompany you on your journey as a guide.

Contact in an emergency
We will provide you with important contacts in the case of emergency. You can also contact us directly should you need to.

Our prices reflect the quality of our services
At ACT Japan Travel, we put 100% into creating an itinerary that satisfies you. Our fundamental purpose is to provide the best guidance possible for travel plans right for you. Because of this we are not interested in lowering our service standard for quick returns. Our fees may not be as low as some other companies’ but we will manage each enquiry to your full satisfaction.

We are authorised Travel Agency.

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